Let’s Get Married.

Situationships vs. Relationships


Situationship: any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts. usually confused with dating. – Urban Dictionary

Relationship: the state of being connected by blood or marriage. A romantic or passionate attachment. –Webster’s Dictionary



Is love a game or do females make relationships more complicated than what they really are?

This weekend I attended a seminar which consisted of male panelists who provided an audience of female attendees with relationship advice on what men want.

  • What do men want?

The truth is men don’t know what they want until it’s gone, or until they have options to choose from where that one person stands out from the rest.

  • Should a female wait for a man if he is unsure about her?

The group of male panelists collectively agreed that a woman who waits doesn’t allow herself self-improvement.  A man would prefer to revisit an old relationship that has improved rather than to receive the same relationship that he lacked interest in previously.

  • What three letter word is most important to a man?

Most women would believe SEX is what is most important to a man and that good SEX will keep a man; however, a mans EGO is what will make or break a relationship.

  • Why does it seem as though there is a double standard with cheating?

Men who cheat feel there is no emotional connection when they are doing the action – and that their act of cheating is solely physical; whereas, men feel females who cheat have an emotional connection with the person whom they are cheating with.

  • Will a man sleep with a woman he wants to be in a relationship with?

Collectively the men agreed that a woman who they would want to make their companion – they would wait for sex and not try to have sex with her after the first or second date.

  • How do you know he likes you?

A female will know a guy is into her by his actions. If he calls, text, and always wants to spend time with her – he’s interested. He’ll never be too busy – because he will always make TIME.

  • Will a man who loves his woman participate in a threesome?

No, because it will affect his EGO. She is not meant to be shared. What they have is sacred – when he is in love with her.

  • Can a woman’s success ruin a relationship?

The male panelists agreed that a woman who is successful is attractive. What is unattractive is when a female attacks a man’s ego – where her intentions are to make him feel less needed or to make him feel as though he cannot do anything for her.


The truth is, a man only wants a relationship where he can serve a purpose in that woman’s life. When a man doesn’t feel needed situationships occur.

Ladies looking for marriage, the best advice I could give is to take the advice that the male panelists provided each female attendee.


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