When are we hanging out?

Today I logged in to my OKC account to find that I had 25 messages along with my 10 google voice text message all awaiting replies. The demand for attention is becoming a bit overwhelming and today – I made the choice to isolate myself from social media with the hopes of being able to find myself.


There have been a few guys who have been pretty persistent at trying to get my attention. Someone of them have chosen to use aggressive tack ticks which have been more of a turn off then a beneficial to them.

One guy who I will call *Brooklyn* spent hours on the phone with me the other night. I really felt as though we were getting to know one another until he randomly came out and asked if he could come over and put his tongue in-between my legs. Not that I am prude, but when asked that by way too many people at one time – it causes me to question the photos I post and if I should just cover myself with a comforter to avoid giving hornballs an picture arrousel.

Today, *Brooklyn* and I are supposed to go to a local cafe. He insist on coming to pick me up, but I feel it is best that we both meet at the location to avoid any unnecessary situations from occurring.

I called Brooklyn to tell him I would meet him at the cafe. He wasn’t too fond of the idea and instead canceled on me. I told him to lose my number. Driving myself was probably the best filter for creeps.

He later responded by telling me that I should not feel like every guys is like the douchebags. I would have believed him had the situation been different, but his action had only gone to show me that he had other motives aside from going to the cafe.


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